Conspiracy Cafe is Open

So I've been talking about it for awhile and it's definitely still a work in progress but here we are!!

The Conspiracy Cafe is open for business..or maybe just some interesting discussion.

You name it: Aliens and UFO's to ghosts, the occult or modern day conspiracies, I'll try to stay away from politics as much as possible and religion (even though you know it's hard for me!) but we're going to talk about some crazy stuff.

Maybe some of it will get your creative juices flowing, maybe it won't but at least you will have been entertained for awhile. Wasn't it Caligula who said 'give them bread and circus'?

So pull up a cup of your favorite blend and let's see what interesting things we can come up with. Don't be shy! Is there something you've been wondering about but don't want to take the time to research? Drop me l line! Think I'm nuts and all my info is dicey? Speak up! 

This is my test to be sure things are linking the way I want so hang with me, we'll be off and running to crazy town quite soon!

Posted by Autumn Shelley
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