Syma X5C Receiver Board Spare Part

in previous posts, I have discussed about the problems in my Quadcopter Syma X5C that can not fly. after researching the problem, I discovered that the receiver board in the body quadcopter Syma X5C is problematic. receiver board stopped working for the motor and lights flashing, but in these conditions, quadcopter can still take photos and video.

After communicating with the seller which sends the item to me, the seller is willing to send the receiver board as a replacement. and I provide photos for examples of the x5c Syma receiver board.

Below you can see a picture of the receiver board in Syma x5c rc quadcopter body.
Syma X5 X5C Receiver Board Spare Part
if you have the same problem you can get replacement part via link below

Posted by: Blogger Berau Updated at: 9:45 PM